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30 years of e-mails

And the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen celebrates that it was the first to send an e-mail over the Atlantic. Join the celebration on Monday, and discover one of campus' greatest tales - not without crooks and heroes

Who was the first to speak when language developed 60,000 years ago? Who got the idea of grinding and then applying hot water to the coffee bean? And who were the first people to hook up after connecting on Facebook?

Human civilization is immersed in mysteries. But it is no mystery, who was the first to cross the Atlantic with an e-mail, according to the University of Copenhagen’s (UCPH) Department of Computer Science DIKU. It was Professor Klaus Hansen.

In January 1983, he was able to use the system to communicate with a co-author in California. A letter would normally take 5-10 days in contrast to “just” 6 hours of travel for the email.

The legendary…

“It soon became clear that this was a valuabe tool and than all researchers should have access to it”, writes Klaus Hansen in Internet Pionerer i Danmark (Internet Pioneers in Denmark).

The Department is throwing a celebration for the anniversary. Everybody is invited.

The first part fo the celebration will centre around the first email sent at UCPH. Martin Zachariasen, head of the centre will give a welcome speech. Then Keld Simonsen, who was one of the real internet pioneers back in the seventies, will give his account of this historical event. And of course, the stuff of legends, Klaus Hansen will also give a speech.

Nostalgia, champagne

After a short break, several present-day professors will share recent research within computer science, technology and media science. A reception follows, so keen computer scientists and other interested will be able to fully indulge in nostalgia and champagne.

The University Post will be there.

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