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How do we tackle smoking?

Two students from the Royal School of Library and Information Science are pushing back against the smoking ban proposed by law professor Kirsten Ketcher. “With better facilities, we can both avoid taking the hard line and also avoid bothering non-smokers.”

When will we get a complete UCPH smoking ban?

I'm tired of having to battle through clouds of cigarette smoke to get to work. These useless attempts at finding places where people can smoke without bothering others at the country's largest educational institution are no longer feasible. Solution: a total smoking ban at the University of Copenhagen.

UCPH should offer basic computer science to all students

By applying existing regulations on propaedeutics, all students at the University of Copenhagen could be offered basic courses in computer science of up to 60 ECTS with associated Danish SU study grants. And this without any time being taken off their main education programme. A number of basic courses, adapted to the various disciplines would support the students' in their learning, in their future professions or in their subsequent scientific work.

Should we continue to have lab technicians at the University of Copenhagen?

Laboranterne er blevet hårdt ramt af nedskæringerne på KU. Ikke kun gennem fyringer og nedlagte stillinger, men også ved at de tilbageværende sættes til ufaglært servicearbejde.