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Top staff representative: This university is managed as if it was a margarine factory

Cooperation, flexibility, and mutual respect. They have been replaced by top-down management, arrogance, and protocol at the University of Copenhagen. And the bad atmosphere between management and staff is approaching boiling point. According to the staff representative for the HK group Ingrid Kryhlmand, the corona crisis’ home workplaces have given many staff a much-needed breather.

In the beginning, Gerd Grubb just kept a low profile — and fell into line

She was a constant runner-up in the struggle to get a professorship. But Gerd Grubb continued her research at the highest level, even though she was not fully recognised. But she has been given this recognition now, as an 81-year-old, and honoured with a gold medal from the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

They are twins. They are astrophysicists. And they agree on almost everything. Except God

Johan and Hans Uldall Fynbo both do research on the universe as professors of astrophysics at different universities. Their life trajectories have followed each other closely. But at one point they each took a different path: One believes in God, the other does not.

University of Copenhagen upholds physical exams at controversial sites — but with new precautions

The University of Copenhagen maintains that it is safe to take a written exam with many other students at the Peter Bangs Vej location. There are now guards present and more distance between students to reduce the risk.