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Anger after book burning plan

Why burn the books? Politicians are angered by a University of Copenhagen decision to burn several hundred thousand tomes to make room for a new knowledge centre

The University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Humanities has sent the first batches of books off to the incinerator, as part of its plan to merge four department libraries into a ‘knowledge centre’ in 2013, where there is not enough shelf space.

In the meantime, chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Technology and Science Marianne Jelved is not amused.

»It sounds very dramatic, and I think the University should consider saying to society and other educational institutions, that they are welcome to come and get the books for free. This is a better idea than burning them,« she says.

Surely others can find a use for them?

Minister of Science Charlotte Sahl-Madsen will not force the University of Copenhagen to change its decision. But she hopes that the decision is well-considered, she says:

»These are books that have been bought for taxpayers’ money, and they are probably relevant and good books. Surely others could find a use for them, when the University of Copenhagen does not believe that it can.«

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