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Bogus heroin story: It was powdered painkillers

It was actually a mixture of pulverised headache remedies and caffeine – all completely legal

The substance found by Danish police has now been recognised as a legal substance made from paracetamol and caffeine.

This is according to the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, following our story on the heroin not being heroin. How police could mistake the two substances is not clear.

Police had charged a member of staff at the Faculty of Science for being in possession of 14 kilos of heroin.

No answers why

Danish police drop the specific charges against the 64 year old campus service officer at August Krogh Institute.

According to authorities still wonder what the 64-year old had in mind with the large amount of painkiller substance. Usually pulverised substances like the 13.8 kilos found on campus, are used as filler in heroin and cocaine, police tells Ekstra Bladet.

The staff member accused of drug possession is under arrest for drug possession in another case in Germany.

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