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Brains battled for cash and glory

The brainiacs at the Faculty of Life Sciences had a chance to show what they, and - in some cases - plenty of other things, were made of Friday 20 November. See a video from this year's '15 Minutes of Brain'

Life Science’s cafè, the ‘Juniorforskercafé’, hosted this year’s 15 Minutes of Brain, Friday 20 November. The radiant minds of the faculty battled it out – brain to brain – for glory, and cash.

The University Post sneaked in with a little camera and a laptop, witnessing 15 BSc, MSc and Ph.D. students attempt to condense years of hard work into a brief ten minutes.

The University Post didn’t understand the half of it.

But it is accurately depicted in the film below (click here for a bigger version):

[video: width:375 height:250 align:right]

The lucky winners of DKK 10,000 each, to be used for academic purposes, and the chance to boast about being the biggest, brightest brains of the faculty are:

BSc brains, Martin Hassl and Bjarke Dall Jørgensen

MSc brain, Morten Emi Møldrup

PhD brain, Camilla T. Damsgaard