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Brexit vote: Systematic injustice in the EU - but there is 'free travel'

In a few days, the people of the UK will vote on whether or not to stay in the EU. We spoke to UK students at the University of Copenhagen

Kate Fitzhenry is from Manchester, England. She studies Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen:

What will you vote?

I will vote to stay.


I do think that there are a lot of problems with the European union and I sympathize with the LEXIT campaign, which focuses on the left-wing reasons for leaving the European union, which emphasizes the systemic injustice built into much of European Union’s economic policy. This is particularly obvious to me after what happened with Greece and the ‘Oxi’ vote last year. However, as a resident of Denmark, I really love the idea of free travel around Europe – it’s good for all of us. Not to mention all the uncertainty a leave would mean for me and my friends living abroad.

What is the biggest potential consequence for you if the UK opts to leave?

The biggest issue for me personally is that I have no idea what would happen. Would I have to apply for a visa? What does this mean about fees for education and medical care? Could I even stay? Which then leads to the question, what would I then have to return to, as there is no doubt that being left alone with the Tories would result in further attacks on workers rights and the further neo-liberalization of the British economy.

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