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Building site graffiti is art at Health Faculty

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is building a research tower at Panum, so the Faculty has decided to spruce up the grey building site by having graffiti artists decorate the surrounding fence

The graffiti artist Asger Vigen Jørgensen and friends have covered the fence surrounding the building site at Panum on Blegdamsvej with vibrant graffiti.

The fence is really there to keep people off the site, where Panum’s research tower is being built over the next three years, but the Faculty has decided to make it colourful to keep local resident’s grey-building-site-induced ennui at bay.

The graffiti groups Letter Benders, Furious Styles Crew (both from Nørrebro, Copenhagen) and Sofles (from Australia) joined Asger Vigen Jørgensen in wielding spray paint. They wrapped up the work on Wednesday 29 August after half a week spent in the fumes and colours from their spray cans. And they were paid DKK 14.000 for the job – just enough to cover their paint expenses.

High park

In 2015 the colourful fence will have served its purpose, and the 15 story high centre will be ready to be used for both research and education in medical science.

The top floor will be open to the public, with a beautiful view of Copenhagen, as well as a campus park with roof-top gardens, sports areas, green oases and a pathway, guiding people through the tree-tops.

Check out the pictures of the graffiti here.,

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