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Business is not just for corporate types

If you want to start your own business, a networking workshop for all university students that is hosted at the Copenhagen Business School could be your inspiration

Starting up a business is not just for corporate, business school types, but also for other students.

This will be one of the fundamental messages coming from speakers at a new event for business innovators. The organisers hope that the event will bridge the gap between business schools and Danish universities, and will be hosted at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) 2 April.

Matchmingler hopes to bring up to 160 university students to the CBS campus in Copenhagen.

Speeches on commitment and risk

A third of all students who have signed up so far are international students, according to the organiser Jesper Klingenberg.

Matchmingler will create a forum for students to meet, learn and share their ideas, maybe teaming up with others on an idea, potentially turning it into a business venture

The event will include a networking session that focuses on addressing personal barriers. Key speeches on open-mindedness, curiosity and enthusiasm, as well as commitment and risk will follow.

No corporate speak

A lounge will be set up in the evening for students to pitch their ideas to one another over a cup of coffee. Experts will be on hand to help out in formulating ideas.

One of the biggest challenges for organiser Jesper Klingenberg so far has been to break down a preconception among prospective participants that starting up a business is just for certain types of people who go to the Copenhagen Business School, he explains to the University Post.

Too much corporate speak, »has students completely turning off,« he says.

All in English

»It must not be too corporate, too business minded,« he says.

»The whole event will be conducted in English, to do everyone a favour, and to make sure that there are no barriers between the Danish and the international participants,« he says.

Tickets cost DKK 100 per student.

Read more about it and buy your ticket here.

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