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Campus Catwalk: KUA vs. Panum

New University Post section will investigate the latest lecture-room trends. Vote for the most fashionable faculty

Is KUA the home of the coolest kids? Do Life Science students really wear wellies? Find out in the new ‘Campus Catwalk’ series.

In this series we will show off the most stylish students and staff at the University, along with fashion tips for those who think Louboutin is a French sociologist.

Our reporters will be out and about looking for the most original, daring and tasteful in university attire.

Cup system

The Campus Catwalk is a Battle of the Faculties, a Streit der Fakultäten if you want to be intellectual about it. Or not. Actually we have each Faculty stand off against another Faculty, while you, the readers decide who is the most stylish.

The Campus Catwalk will be using the cup system, with winners of each pairing, facing each other off, with new chic photos, until we have the most stylish Faculty in the University of Copenhagen. This Faculty will then face the, hip of hip, Copenhagen Business School.

Confused? Don’t worry, the rules were made up by a team of game theorists, and we don’t understand them either.

History types versus medical doctors

Well, we start off our Campus Catwalk with
KUA Cool – Faculty of Humanities, here.

They stand off against: Panum Patterns – Faculty of Health Sciences, here.

Vote on which Faculty you think is the most stylish below here.

If you think you have something to be proud of in the wardrobe department, send a picture of yourself (or a friend) to with Campus Catwalk in the subject field.

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