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Carly looking forward to a ´good chat with Mary´

Carly Bodkin's likes putting herself into challenging situations. Wednesday, she gets a prize from her compatriot Crown Princess Mary

Carly Bodkin, a science student from the University in Brisbane, was shocked to be chosen for the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship.

»I didn’t think I would get it. I wasn’t convinced that my achievements would make me stand out,« she says.

Carly believes that the secret of getting this kind of award is readiness for challenges.

More than just good grades

»Of course the main thing is to study hard and get good grades. But it’s a lot more than that. You need to embrace all opportunities that come your way. You need to push yourself into challenging situations, in order to get what you want.«

That is why she has always been interested in exchange opportunities and scrupulously prepared her applications.

Swapping science for Danish culture

Though Carly studies science back in Brisbane, here at the University of Copenhagen, she is following two courses far from her main field; one in Danish language and one in Danish culture.

These have helped her find her feet in Danish society, she says.

»You can’t experience life to the full without exploring other cultures,« she explains.

Looking forward to a chat with Mary

Carly, who is highly fascinated by Danes’ respectful and enthusiastic attitude towards monarchy, is looking forward to meeting the Crown Princess on Wednesday.

»I’m looking forward to having a good chat with the Crown Princess Mary. I’d love to gain some insight into her somewhat extraordinary life.«

Carly definitely feels that Wednesday’s celebration will be a crowning event of her unforgettable stay in Copenhagen.

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