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Comment: Yes ... we ... can...

A better student life in Copenhagen, and a dream of a stronger social environment. This is why the chairman of the University's student council, says that she, for one, has already voted for Emilie Nayberg

This week the University elections are on! We are out and about, campaigning, debating and trying to get as many students to vote as possible. Why? Because we have a dream. A dream of a better student life in Copenhagen, and a dream of a stronger social environment at our faculties. A dream of a better University of Copenhagen!

As students we have a say, but the volume of our voice varies a lot. In the study boards, academic councils and the university board of directors we sit along side our professors and the staff and make decisions with them.

In the board of directors there are 11 members. Two are students, three members are elected by the staff and 6 members are appointed by the board. The 6 appointed members all come from outside UCPH and only represent their own ideas and needs.

This means that we as students are the smallest interest group among the board members, we have the fewest votes in the board, and we are the ones who are appointed for the shortest term. At the same time we represent 38.000 students from 6 faculties and what at times feels like a zillion different courses! This is no easy job – And this is why we work together through the Students Council.

Student council is for us students

The Student Council is our common interest group as students at the University of Copenhagen. We work – independently of political parties – across faculties and the zillion different courses to create a better university and an even better study environment for us students.

The Student Council consists of the more than 50 study councils. The Student Councils candidates are able to draw on knowledge and experiences from the entire university.

This is how we can guarantee that the entire university is heard when important decisions are made.

I have just voted for Emilie Nayberg

Our main candidate for the board of directors is Emilie Nayberg. I have two reasons to vote for her.

First and foremost because she is part of the student council, and therefore will work for all the students, not just the liberal, social democratic or conservative students.

Secondly I voted for Emilie because of her personal capacities. She is experienced, dedicated and not afraid of hard work – And this is what I think it will take to make our dreams come true!

Read how you can vote on the University of Copenhagen’s internal website here.

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