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Copenhagen neighbourhoods: Amager

In the seventies it was where all the trash from the city was dumped. Not any more. Favourite spots in Copenhagen, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood

In a previously published guide to Copenhagen neighbourhoods we presented an overview of all the Copenhagen city areas.

Now we focus more on each of the local areas, and with more tips from the locals.

Amager (pronounced Ah-mah) is a city island attached to the main island of Zealand (Sjælland) by several bridges. This district is now undergoing rapid development, with the metro line and modern architectural buildings surrounded by peaceful green areas.

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Meet the Amacaners

In the seventies it was where all the trash from the city was dumped, and the Island got the derogatory name shit Island. However, it has never lived up to this name, and it never will!

Along the metro line are apartment buildings designed by world famous architects. The DR Byen, which means the DR City, is the headquarters for the Danish national broadcasting corporation, DR, and then there is Amager Fælled, a big green area and park, mostly used for recreational runners, and people taking a walk and enjoying nature.

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) actually has its largest campus in, or ‘on’, Amager, right by the Islands Brygge area. It is called South Campus, and houses the entire Faculty of Humanities. Right beside campus is the fancy dormitory Tietgen, which has been reviewed on the University Post, here.

In the old part of Amager, along Amagerbrogade, are shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is here you will find the ”real” locals – sometimes called ”A-mahh-caners”. If you continue east you will get to Amager Beach Park. When the sun is out, and the water is warm (over 19 degrees celsius, which IS warm in Denmark!) this is the best place to be.

Cosy cafes and cheaper bars

On Amager, the University Post found a native ‘A-mahh-caner’, 26 year old Danish student Trine Rasmussen, to get some local knowledge.

”I was once asked if everybody on Amager carries a knife. I think it is a common misconception, that there are a lot of criminals out here. There are all kinds of people, but the most general thing to say is that they are more provincial here.”

However, she still alludes to the stereotype herself. ”The farther you get out on the island, around Kastrup and the like, the more rough people you will meet. Around there you can find some of the biker gangs.”

“Personally, I love Amager, and would never leave the place. I love to take a stroll on the ramparts, and I would recommend to everybody to visit the cafes at Amagerbrogade. There are some really cozy places. And let’s not forget the bars are way cheaper out here!”

What’s your local secret?

Are you a local and want to promote your favourite neighborhood spots? What makes your neighbourhood the best in the city? Send an email or comment below.

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