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Copenhagen Science Slam looking for contestants

Who has the best science? And who can convey it most persuasively? Deadline to take part in the twice-yearly Copenhagen's Science Slam soon

Abu Dhabi has the highest water consumption in the world. Why is that? With the answer to this, anthropologist Rasmus Brun won the third round of ‘Copenhagen Science Slam’, including DKK 1000, everlasting glory, and an uncertain number of science groupies.

In the first Science Slam competition, it was physicist Julius Bier Kierkegaard, who won the hearts of the audience by explaining the complex concept of entropy to them. Christian Berrie, also studying physics, charmed his way to the title by his profound and infectious fascination with Einstein. Anne Katrine Jørgensen – studying English – won by performing a symphony of dialects pronouncing (or mispronouncing) the English letter ‘r’.

»Everybody can apply to join Science Slam. Science Slam is a great opportunity for students and graduates at all levels to share the knowledge they have spent endless hours and energy building up. It is also a great way to practice how to explain something very complex in an engaging way to an unfamiliar audience« says Emma Sørgaard, one of the organizers.

Fluorescent rabbits and flirtation might be winning bet

Some use humor, charm and even flirtation, while others do it with numbers, graphs and curves. All try to win the hearts of the audience, who give out points to their favorite scientists, after every presentation. At the end, the points are counted to find the winner.

Science Slam brings together science-loving students and graduates from the newest fields of studies to the most obscure ones. All fields are welcome, whether your special interest lies within the art of selling sand in the Sahara, post-traumatic stress release, syntactical disorders in old Nordic sentences or pharmaceuticals that make rabbits glow in the dark.

When the deadline for applying has closed, all participants will be invited to a casting. Here around 10 participants will be selected based on their interest, field and enthusiasm. After that, participants will receive a half day of presentation training. And all there is left then, is to wait for day to turn to evening on 19 April.

Beer and knowledge

Science Slam is organised by science loving sisters Nynne and Emma Sørgaard. A trip to Berlin inspired the concept, which already exists in a number of European countries.

»Science Slam lets science-interested people experience fields and subjects, that they otherwise may never come across, from an insider’s perspective. It also allows the audiences to get an insight into the diverse jungle of university life. And who doesn’t enjoy a night of beers with good friends and new knowledge?« says Emma.

Science Slam takes place twice a year; in Spring and Fall. It is hosted by Studenterhuset. This Spring, the event takes place the 19 April. Everyone is encouraged to apply. If interested, send an email to with a few words about yourself and your subject.

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