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Copenhagen short films: Best music video

Why the tiny bathrooms? And what is with all the kids on the back of the bikes? Canadian student rapper lets us in on some of Copenhagen's best kept secrets

It was only recently that the University Post nominated its best short videos. But in the rush to publish, we forgot one that surely deserves an honourable mention.

So here it is, our nomination for the best music video:

[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

The production, lyrics, singing, recording, editing and parts of the filming were all done by Michael Romaniuk, a Polish/Canadian student of human anatomy and physiology at the University of Copenhagen. He was helped by Zeno Aerts and Leah Trubashnik for some of the filming.

The video was based on a presentation on the ‘Global Perception of Danes’ at the Copenhagen Youth Goodwill Ambassador (see box on the right) conference back in November, Michael explains to the University Post.

»I decided to take it to the next level, by finding a different form of media through which I could communicate the idea, and make it more appealing to the masses. This is how this mock-rap video came to be«.

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