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Copenhagen streets blocked with exchange students

International café at Studenterhuset Wednesday spilled out on to the streets

The place is packed. People on the dance floor wiggle their bodies as much as the limited amount of space allows. Hands in the air, beer in the… Well, some of it’s in the air too.

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The University Post is at the biggest party to be found on a Wednesday night in Copenhagen, at the Studenterhuset – ‘The Students House’ – on Købmagergade in the centre of Copenhagen.

The girl working at the entrance to the Studenterhuset doesn’t speak Danish. Neither do the people behind the bar. Usually they do, but apparently not this Wednesday.

Welcome to town

It’s International Night, and the exchange students take over. They are the ones that volunteer to do the job – and they make the party possible. Lots of people look like they are appreciating it.

Five girls are giggling, one of them so much that she spills her soda over herself. Not far from them, students are jumping up and down around the football table.

The international students spill onto the streets. They block the pedestrian walkway, so people passing by have to squeeze through the crowd.

People sit in groups all over the small square between Studenterhuset and The Round Tower ‘Rundetårn’. The Danish weather is being kind tonight. It is welcoming new visitors to town.

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