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Crown Princess Mary hands out prize to two Australian students

Two scholarships to outstanding exchange students in law and environment studies

Emma Bowers and Harry Barton were the happy recipients today Thursday of this year’s Crown Princess Mary Scholarship for outstanding Australian exchange students.

The scholarship was established in 2004 as the University of Copenhagen’s wedding present for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

It includes a stipend of DKK 10,000 each and is given to deserving exchange students from the university’s partner universities in Australia.

New knowledge and inspiration

Emma studies law at the University of New South Wales and volunteers for a number of organisations that combat social inequality. Harry is an environmental studies major from Monash University and has chosen Copenhagen for his exchange because of its status as the European green capital.

Both students had to undergo a rigorous selection process before being nominated by their respective universities. A UCPH panel then shortlisted the most promising candidates and prorector Lykke Friis approved the final selection.

At the ceremony at the universiry’s central campus, the Crown Princess lauded the students’ commitment that goes beyond mere book science and added, ”I hope that your professional and personal experiences here will give you new knowledge and inspiration for your future careers.”

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