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Danes are ‘spoilt and pampered’

Leading businessman, and Liberal politician, Lars-Christian Brask lashes out at the work ethics of Danes who are ‘lazy, spoilt, and lacking ambition’

Lars-Christian Brask warned that skilled foreigners will continue to nab the top jobs and the labour market will stagnate unless Danes become more ‘passionate’ and are willing to spend more than the required 37 hours a week at work.

In an interview with Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten the executive, who’s held top positions in both the USA and UK, said:

“Danes, and especially the younger generation, have become spoiled and pampered. They’ve grown up in a society where they’ve been wet-nursed and given everything without having to live up to any demands. I see it when I interview people – they’re more interested in pensions and fringe benefits than the job in question.”

Labour think tank: ‘Unfounded’

Senior economist Martin Madsen of The Economic Council of the Labour Movement dismissed the criticism as ‘unfounded’ and said it would be more relevant to take a closer look at the labour supply and working hours to ensure the future of society.

“This government has already done a lot to get more people into the labour market by its reforms of social benefits, early retirement, and sick leave. These will boost the labour supply in the long run,” he said.

See article (in Danish) here.

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