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DIS students welcomed at Immersion Fair

DIS, a partner university institution of the University of Copenhagen, is welcoming more and more new students in a big fair introducing them to extra-curricular activities

An estimated 800-900 new students piled off buses yesterday Wednesday at the Korsgadehallen in Copenhagen, eager to visit tables filled with useful information about what to do in Copenhagen outside their upcoming study abroad program at DIS.

DIS, the Danish Institute for Study Abroad is a private Copenhagen study abroad program. It attracts international students from throughout the world, with most from the United States.

The University Post was there, along with many other vendors, dishing out tips and tricks for students. According to one of the organisers at DIS, Ümit Öztürk , the immersion fair is becoming a bigger and bigger event for DIS.

Queues for the hot dogs

»DIS has typically 800-900, primarily US students per semester, and each student stays here for either one or two semesters. Apart from following their respective subjects and courses, most students want to fill out their leisure time with a host of interesting and challenging activities, including football, dancing, climbing and choir singing, wine tasting and typical Danish sports like handball,« he explains.

Having only spent a few days in Copenhagen so far, the students were ready for the semester to begin. Eyes and ears were open, listening intently to participating organizations while making sure to stock up on the free candy while doing so.

And just as quickly as it started, the mass of students began to disperse and make their way outside for some grub. After visiting different booths, students were given a stamp, and once they collected four stamps they could redeem it for a Danish hot dog, the staple food for students. It wouldn’t be a true event in Denmark without the mandatory hot dog stand.

See our pictures of the students and organisers at the event on facebook here.

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