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Donated books now at Ethiopian universities

Last year, UCPH students successfully shipped used textbooks to Ethiopian universtities. Now the organiser shares shots of the books being put to use and extends his thanks.

When the University of Copenhagen announced a space-saving plan to burn thousands of unused, older books in 2013, it was inspiration for several students of the former Life Sciences faculty to take initiative and organise a shipping of books to under-resourced universities in Ethiopia.

The initiative was led by former UCPH alumnus Fikadu Reta Alemayehu who recognised an opportunity to help universities in his native land. The University Post reported on the initative’s attempts to raise funds , and the first and second shipments , supported by funds from various Danish organisations.

The recipients of the books were Southern-Ethiopian universities Wachemo University, Mezin-Tepi University and Wolaita Sodo University.

Recently, Fikadu visited Wachemo University and took pictures of the books being used in the library. He wishes to reiterate his thanks to all who donated and helped support the initative. See the pictures in the gallery below.

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