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English language check for Life Science lecturers

250 staff members who teach courses in English at the Faculty of Life Sciences will undergo language certification. The aim is to ensure high quality teaching

By 2012, all lecturers who teach courses in English at the Faculty of Life Sciences must go through a certification process, to ensure that their language skills are up to scratch.

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Lecturers will undergo a specially designed test, called TOEPAS (Test of Oral English Proficiency for Academic Staff. The test was created by the University of Copenhagen’s own Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use, as no such certification test has previously been available.

Test designed to develop skills

The test will aid lecturers in developing their language skills, as participants receive extensive feedback on their responses, including a video of their performance in the test.

Vice Dean of Education at the faculty Grete Bertelsen is convinced that the new certification will give the Faculty of Life Sciences the upper hand in the intense international competition to attract the best students and researchers.