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Ethnology student releases music album

He is a student at the University of Copenhagen, and he is about to release his second music album

Johan Denning, 23 years old, an ethnology student at the University of Copenhagen is to release an album Saturday.

He has been living in the capital for three years, but originally comes from the town of Kolding. Nevertheless, he still finds time to perform and record albums one of which Johan is releasing this Saturday.

“I play songs about myself, my concerns, my long lost love and new loves to come“, says Johan Denning.

‘Rain’… is cleaner

It is actually his second album with a very Copenhagen-like title, “Rain“. “The title is kinda melodramatic i guess, but my music is very emotional after all,” Johan says to the University Post.

His first album entitled “Going Back Home”, was inspired a lot by Bob Dylan.

“Rain” is different. It sounds cleaner, I guess…”, says the artist.

Listen to a sample of his music here.

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