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Incompatible with Life / Reproductive and Mental Health

Other — In this moving documentary, film maker Eliza Capai delves into the emotional impact of criminalised abortion in Brazil.


Date & Time:

The Cinematheque, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen

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Global Health Film Days



About the film
Capai gives us an intimate perspective of her legal medical termination experience in Portugal and then broadens her focus to Brazil where abortion is illegal. She interviews women with similar diagnosis, exposing challenges women endure within Brazil’s restrictive system, emphasising their lack of agency in reproductive decisions. The documentary paints a vivid picture of the stark differences in access to reproductive healthcare, while exploring delicate themes of motherhood, prenatal grief, and abortion. Capai’s powerful storytelling and striking imagery offer a poignant narrative, illuminating the profound consequences of strict abortion laws and the urgent need for change.

Director: Eliza Capai
Brazil, Portugal, 2023, 93 min, English subtitles
Allowed over 15 years

Trigger warning: The film contains conversations and depictions of miscarriages.

There will be an introduction before the film, and a panel following the film about abortion and sexual health. Enjoy art from the film and drinks in Asta Bar afterwards. The event is in English.