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Public Talk by Adam Sargent - Between Work and Labor

Lecture — Come join us at this public talk by Adam Sargent - Between Work and Labor: Interstitial Selves in the Indian Construction Industry.Adam Sargent is a sociocultural anthropologist who works at the intersection of semiotic anthropology and political economy with a regional focus on urban North India. His current work focuses particularly on the socio-technical organization of labor, infrastructure, urbanization, materiality as well as caste and inequality. He is currently working on a book manuscript which explores these issues through a study of the politics of labor and livelihood in the construction industry. Based on fieldwork at construction sites in the greater Delhi region the manuscript argues that contemporary urban transformations are shaped by, even as they remake, social landscapes of labor. Adam is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University.The talk is free and registration is not necessary. All are welcome.


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Room: 10.4.05 (4th floor meeting room), Dept. Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Building 10, Faculty of Humanities.

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Emerging Worlds, Asian Dynamics Initiative, Nordic Himalayan Research Network