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World AIDS Day Film Screening: "How To Tell A Secret"

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Gothersgade 55, 1123 København

Hosted by:
Global Health Film Days and Cinemateket

UCPH Employees and Staff: 60 DKK / Students: 80 DKK / Normal: 95 DKK /


Global Health Film Days and Cinemateket are hosting a screening of How To Tell A Secret on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2023.

From the start of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, ignorance and misinformation led to the stigmatization and further marginalization of individuals who tested positive for HIV. Despite modern-day access to medications that keep individuals non-detectable, prevent transmission, and allow many to live a fulfilling, joyful life, people with HIV still face major challenges when disclosing their status to others.

In the 2022 film How To Tell Secret, the main character Robbie Lawlor is a young man and activist from Ireland who tested positive for HIV over a decade ago. Since his diagnosis, Lawlor has challenged the ascribed notion of secrecy by being publicly open about his HIV+ status and empowering others to do the same. The film explores how stigma, secrecy, and advocacy play a role in disclosing or not disclosing status in contemporary Ireland.

This event intends to promote an open conversation about the historical and modern-day stigmatization surrounding an HIV diagnosis and highlight the ongoing efforts and activism of those working to change it. After the screening, a panel will discuss the topics from the film as well as ongoing activities to end the stigma around HIV/AIDS. The panel will explore how the HIV pandemic can look different regarding the cultural, social, economic, and political contexts as well as focus on post-COVID-19 barriers to HIV research, funding, and accessibility.

The event will be in English.

Lena Skovgaard Andersen, Assistant Professor and Director of the School of Global Health, University of Copenhagen
Kim Eluf Fischer Nielsen, Chairperson for AIDS-linjen
Michael Nebeling Petersen, Associate Professor, Principal Investigator of the research project ‘The cultural history of AIDS in Denmark’, University of Copenhagen

16.45 Welcome
16.55 Film screening How To Tell A Secret
18.35 Drinks in Asta Bar
18.40 Panel in Asta Bar
19.15 Thank you