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Fastest DHL runners were all from Health Faculty

World's largest fun run in Copenhagen was dominated at the top by runners from the UCPH Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

The DHL relay means alot at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH). It is the only event which gathers thousands of UCPH students, staff, and scientists together, with one single goal in mind. No this is not learning or research.

It is bragging rights. The goal being, of course, to outrun the department next door. And this year was no exception, with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, in particular, really taking things seriously.

The traditional UCPH ceremony for the fastest teams in each category was presided over by organiser Niels Wollesen with awards given out by university director Jesper Olesen.

Trophy inscriptions the object of passionate scrutiny

The men’s winners this year did the double-double. For the second time running, Medicin X01 JB raced five times five kilometres the fastest in UCPH and also the fastest among universities in Copenhagen, beating Aalborg campus, CBS, DTU, ITU and all the other three-letter combinations that make up Copenhagen’s higher learning.

To the University Post they made no secret of the fact that their team was carefully cherrypicked from the fastest runners in their larger department. Bringing home the honours is important.

Their time was a record 1:36:52, fastest among all teams, also non-university teams, that day.

Team Medicin X01 JB (Thomas Lorentzen, Jonas Folmer Kristiansen, Emil Haastrup Pedersen, Mads Thomsen and Jesper Borg Andersen) won the trophy for fastest University of Copenhagen team overall, and fastest among all universities

Women’s winners this year were BMI Race Team 3, who were more laid back, claiming that their win came as a surprise to them. Not likely. Their time was 1:57:26, each of them pulling 21-23 minutes for 5 kilometres.

BMI Race Team 3 (Ditte Søgaard, Sofie Dideriksen, Stine Søndergård, Tine Monberg, Kjestine Møller) were the fastest women.

Mixed category (men and women) had the Psychostimulants taking the win. Yet another healthy Health and Medical team, effectively making up the Faculty’s clean sweep. Their time was 1:44:12.

Fastest in the mixed category were the Psychostimulants, another team from the Faculty of Health and Medicine Sciences (Nikolaj Riis Christensen, Annika Thomsen, Louise, Rasmus Herlo, Peter). One of the girls is on the iPad – not because she died from the effort – but because she is now abroad.

Fastest in Central Campus (it is generally accepted that communicators, IT and admins in Central Campus can’t compete with anyone else, so they get their own prize), was our own speedy University Post team for the third year running. Time: 1:54:56.

University Post’s Lukas Antoine, August Thomsen and Mike Young. Gabriela Carballo couldn’t make it to the ceremony.

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