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Film courses after dead Greenlander media success

Ancient man’s gene sequence got massive coverage. Now Faculty of Science offers its researchers a one-hour film crash course

600 articles and TV spots – and still counting. When Professor Eske Willerslev and colleagues broke the genetic code of a man from an extinct tribe of Greenlanders, the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen was on TV from ‘Australia to Aarhus’, as the Science newsletter writes.

What is new is that TV stations and web media took up video material produced by the communication department of the Faculty of Science itself.

»That is why the communication department of the faculty, SCIENCE Kommunikation, calls on researchers, who are going on expeditions abroad, to get in touch with the communication department. We will give you a one-hour film course, which will let you make recordings that can be used internally and externally, when research results are to be made public,« the newsletter writes.

A clip showing the media buzz surrounding the publishing of Eske Willerslev’s work can be seen here (partly in Danish).

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