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Find thesis in new University database

Database with all the Master's theses are now online

Despite many hours of hard work and dedication, a Master’s thesis rarely reaches a wider audience.

That’s a shame. So the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Library have decided to launch a digital thesis collection, DISKURS (Danish for discourse, ed.).

Journalists, students and anyone interested can easily access any of the Master’s students final work.

Topics covered range from ‘the taxable value of property in Denmark’, ‘improvements to antibiotic treatments’ and ‘male prostitution’ just to take the titles from a few of the just submitted theses.

All in by the end of the year

Many of the theses look into subjects that are highly topical and research-relevant, and contribute to knowledge in areas that have wider interest.

»When subjects are research-based it also means that our students are actively contributing to the university’s production and communication of knowledge. Working in the research area of your thesis often produces interesting results, and we want to make sure that this is shared with the world around us,« says Rector Ralf Hemmingsen.

The collection contains approximately 450 pieces of work right now, but there are more on the way. The collection is still being set up, and contains theses from students at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Dissertations from the humanities are currently being uploaded, according to Bertil Dorch from the Royal Library. The goal is to have work from all of the faculties up before the new year.

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