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Forestry director: ‘Real world’ work a good thing

Students gain employability from working summer internships

Getting out in the real world while still in university can be a valuable experience for students, according to Tove Enggrob Boon, director of study for MSc in Forest and Nature Management at the Department of Resource Economics and Food Policy

»Company contact during your studies is known to intensify and sharpen the learning process, and to increase the employability of the student«.

Tove Enggrob Boon has helped, among others, Taiwanese forestry student Yuan-Jen Cheng to get internships.

»From the University point of view, Yuan-Jen has done exactly what the university, the industry as well as the Government would like to see most of all; highly skilled international academics enters a Danish company«.

»Even better, – it is a small company –which are traditionally thought to not recruit academics, although academics are found to generate growth when they come into small companies.« says Boon.

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