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Helle's only fan is Berlusconi

The Social Democrats popularity has dropped since their narrow victory in September. Voters believe the party has broken their campaign promises. But Italian Prime Minister checks her out and likes what he sees

A majority of voters believe that Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt should apologise for the government’s long list of broken campaign promises.

After six weeks of media and public debate about broken promises, the Social Liberals’ dominance of the new coalition, and the impracticality of power with a minority government, 52 per cent of voters in a new Gallup poll say the PM should eat humble pie and say sorry.

This is according to news service, quoting Danish daily Berlingske.

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Have patience, we are working at it

Social Democrat policy spokesman Magnus Heunicke says there’s no reason for the government to apologise for anything.

»We haven’t been able to carry out all of our key issues because we’re forced to compromise with the Social Liberals, but that’s Danish politics« he says, highlighting at the same time the raft of left-wing proposals that have dominated the media over the past few days in the countdown to Thursday’s budget.

»This is a government that’s working hard to get Denmark out of the crisis by creating jobs in the private sector and repairing welfare which the previous government neglected for years. As soon as we’re up and running the broken promises discussion will disappear« Magnus Heunicke explains, as quoted on

Berlusconi, you devil, you!

Not everything looks grim for the Helle Thorning government. At least if we follow the eyes of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Under the headline ‘Danish Tasty’, the British tabloid daily, The Sun, calls Silvio Berloscuni a ‘randy bungabunga’ after his admiring glance at Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s shapely form.

Check out the video here.

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