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Hot soup, art = nice, cosy, winter day

A form of artistic expression at the Dansens Hus is an opportunity for international students Sunday 29 January

Art is all about expression, and the Host Guest Ghost project is doing exactly that in a refreshingly new manner. On 29 January 2012, they will host an event with the Brazilian artist and writer, Ricardo Basbaum along with the Chef of Cafe Elefanten, Mauro Carinci Cara. Together, they’ll compose a treat for the eyes and taste buds, they say.

This event is in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen who plays ‘host’ for the ‘guests’ Basbaum and Cara. The audience, their expectations, interactions and memories are the ‘ghosts’ from this event.

It is a rather novel idea, where neither the audience nor the hosts know the exact agenda of the event, allowing art and interaction to take place spontaneously. As a free hospitality event, international students can get a real taste of the Danish way of art, food and expression.

The Making and The Drinking

Nothing tastes better than some warm soup on a chilly winter day. The soup in this event is made by the chef as a reflection of the artist’s work while he performs or as per the artist’s whims and guidelines to express the aesthetics of his art.

Eva Nordhagen, their media spokesperson, points out to the University Post’s readers that, »this project is about hospitality, and will be a good experience for international students.«

The admission is free, plus the first 200 hundred guests get free soup. So, all you out there on a shoestring budget: Tie up those laces and be part of the first two hundred for some delectable arty soup!

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