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Housing hunt intensifies for Cambodian Proyuth

Cheap, centrally located housing is like gold dust. Proyuth, 29, is one of the many overseas students who is struggling to find a place to live

Although he won’t arrive from Cambodia until 2 October, Proyuth began searching for accommodation in Copenhagen a month ago, as he knows just how hard pressed the housing situation in Copenhagen is.

»It is really difficult to find accommodation in Copenhagen, especially to find a room with cheap rental. I am not so confident that I can find a room with a rental fee of less than DKK 3300«, explains Proyuth, who will be starting a PhD at Life’s Department of Agriculture and Ecology.

So far Proyuth has tried to find a room through friends and on university message boards. However, his only offer of accommodation is a room located in Rødovre, which he considers to be too far outside of the city centre.

Housing office may help

In 2006, when Proyuth came to Copenhagen to do his Masters degree, he was allocated housing by the University of Copenhagen, and he is hoping that they will be able to help him again this time.

»I sent my application to the housing office a month ago. They sent a receipt for the application and they promised to get back to me sometime in August. So far I haven’t got any response«, says Proyuth.

Proyuth, like many other incoming international students, is concerned by the prospect of arriving without a place to stay in Copenhagen.

»The big question I ask myself is: ‘What happens if I can’t find accommodation before I arrive in Copenhagen?»