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Human and social sciences PhDs work at home, alone

International PhD students in Humanities and Social Sciences spend a large portion of their week working at home, shows survey

PhDs in the Human and Social Sciences typically spend 6-15 hours a week working at home, away from their assigned office.

This is according to a University Post survey among international PhD students at the University of Copenhagen.

The home-working Human and Social Scientists contrast with the PhD students in the experimental science faculties, which in Copenhagen are the faculties of Life Science, Science, Pharma and Health. PhDs in these faculties typically only work 0-5 hours a week at home.

Home alone

In the case of humanities and social science PhDs, working at home, means working alone:

They spent more than 21 hours of their work week on their own, according to the survey.

This is in marked contrast to the PhDs of the experimental sciences who spend only 6-10 hours working alone, otherwise working closely with colleagues.

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