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Humanities to axe 35 jobs

Faculty of Humanities to fire 35 employees. Deficit in next year's budget, says Dean

35 full-time staff are to lose their jobs at the Faculty of Humanities in 2011.

This is according to faculty Dean, Kirsten Refsing, who made the announcement at a Faculty Collaboration Committee (FSU) meeting Friday 12 November.

Next year, the Faculty will have a shortfall of around DKK 15 million, and the coming job cuts will make up the deficit, writes Refsing in a circular to employees at the faculty

Job cuts to be decided this month

»As yet, it is undecided which tasks will be discontinued, or given a lower priority, and which jobs will be cut,« writes the Dean.

FSU will hold meetings on 19 November and 26 November to decide on a schedule for the dismissal process and to discuss the criteria for who will be fired.

There will be an additional dialogue meeting about the budget at the Faculty on 29 November.

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