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I got to be an insider at the UCPH Spring Festival

I didn’t want to leave, the music was too alluring, writes volunteer Elizabeth: When one act ended, another began almost seamlessly

I had the opportunity to be one of the 275 volunteers that helped make the UCPH Spring Festival event possible. Volunteers joined together and had came together to contribute to the celebration.

German exchange student Susann Pfarr’s experience at the festival was like mine. “I heard about the festival at a students’ fair during orientation week for international students. I decided to sign on because it sounded like fun and I thought it was really nice that international students were encouraged to volunteer”.

As a volunteer I received a free T-shirt, drink vouchers and shared lunch with fellow volunteers. The coordinators were well organized and appreciative, they made the festival a special occasion for everyone! Even the security team that I had the pleasure of working with during my volunteer shift encouraged us to take breaks insisting, “You are here to participate and have fun too!,” they said.

Big cranes are the best cranes for @nikolajgr

My shift lasted from 12:00 to 16:00, which means I had the opportunity to arrive before entrance to the event had begun. We took a tour around the festival grounds and saw all the final stages of preparation taking place in the various tents and bars. One of my main assignments was to greet attendees and hand out programs as they arrived at the entrance gates.

When my volunteer shift was over, I returned to the Festival and it had been transformed. The weather had improved. I looked across the field and there was a sea of people laying out blankets, making beer runs to the bar, while others also gathered inside the tents to listen to the live music. I followed the music from tent to tent; when one act ended another began almost seamlessly.

Sherzandum on the Bjørnholm scene, according to @jkragesand. Four broken tables and some crowdsurfing

I met with friends and joined right in. I think it is great how the event was a closed party for all of the University of Copenhagen. It was a fun way to bring together all the faculties and staff. I grabbed a beer, some food and enjoyed the atmosphere and live music alongside the UCPH community!

Unknown artist, but nice colours by @deecapitator

Other friends joined in and indicated their surprise at how large this event was, so impressive for a free festival! When it came time to find something to eat, we made out way over the food trucks that were stationed across the grounds.

Though the lines were large, they moved quickly and efficiently. Vendors who cleverly displayed “Hello Hungry Person” on the backs of their T-Shirts greeted us. After we had gathered up our food and beer we found a spot at one of the many picnic tables that were placed throughout the grounds. The Copenhagen Show band put on a lively performance, even some of the members climbed up on the picnic tables and played their instruments, much to the surprise of those sitting at the table.

Each performance was different from the next and I found myself staying even longer than I had intended. I didn’t want to leave, the music was too alluring and the weather equally hard to pass up. The longer nights and fresh spring air make a great combination for a festival. Even as the sun began to set more people seemed to be pouring inside the festival grounds. People were walking around proudly displaying their stacked cups from all the beers they had consumed. Groups of people chatting, laughing and dancing were at every corner.


Here is me chilling out at the great festival:

Check out the University Post photographer Sofia Popov’s photos below:

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