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In this forum, the students do the philosophising

Students taking centre stage, juggling their Immanuel Kant and even a bit of quantum physics. Weekly event at the philosophy department lifts off

Most places, it is the professor that imparts the wisdom to the students. But a recent initiative is offering philosophy students their own chance to take the podium.

Founded by students, the Filosofisk Studenterkollokvium (FSK) organises a weekly forum where philosophy students can present their specific area of philosophical research or interest. Every Friday from 3-5pm, a nominated student will present a 45 minute lecture, followed by debate and discussion.

The idea is to “bridge the gap between the social and academic life of the faculty”, says Lars Harhoff Andersen, one of the organisers of FSK.

Started last semester

The FSK concept originated in Aarhus University, and has been running successfully at the University of Copenhagen since last semester.

“When we started last January we aimed at an audience of 15 people”, says Lars. “But each week we got between 20 and 65.”

The iniative’s revival this semester offers a programme giving students the opportunity to learn from their peers, share knowledge, and have their ideas tested outside the classroom environment.

Outside the box

FSK also provides a forum to explore philosophy more laterally, Lars reckons.

“Some of the best talks last year were given by people who had a mixed academic background,” he says.

“We had a philosophy and physics student who lectured on the relationship between Immanuel Kant and quantum-physics.”

Hopes for more English

Presenters range from Bachelor level students to PhDs and submit a compelling proposal before they are allocated a timeslot. Anyone is free to attend, although the talks are aimed at an audience with a background in philosophy.

Talks are predominantly conducted in Danish, although like last semester, Lars hopes to fill the remaining timeslots in the semester’s schedule with 1 or 2 English-language presentations.

FSK presentations take place every Friday 15h-17h in room 16.2.74 at the University of Copenhagen’s Humanities Faculty. For more information and the presentation schedule, students are invited to like the facebook page Facebook for features, guides and tips on upcoming events. Follow us on Twitter for links to other Copenhagen academia news stories. Sign up for the University Post weekly newsletter here.