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Leaner, greener food production at Life

'LeanGreenFood', a new international network based at the Faculty of Life Sciences, will train food scientists to take account of social and environmental aspects when developing new food production processes

A more sustainable and socially responsible approach to the production of food is the aim of a new international EU-financed network called LeanGreenFood. The network includes 17 scientists from six different countries.

In a press release, Lars Holm Rasmussen of the University of Copenhagen’s faculty of Life Sciences (Life),explains that LeanGreenFood will help educate young food scientists to rethink current established food processes by focussing on improved yields of biomasses, decreased water and energy consumption and lower use of chemicals.

They will also be taught to utilize new technology to ensure socially and environmentally responsible management of natural resources.

Enzymes to replace chemicals

More sustainable methods of food production would reduce waste and environmental impact, and would address the mounting challenge of competing demands on biomass resources.

One way to reduce the use of chemicals in food production is through the use of enzymes, which can be used to extract and process ingredients in food based on natural sources

It is hoped to train a new generation of innovative food scientists through the programme which will also be open to participants from outside the programme.

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