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Model UN debate 2013 - see the photos here

Test of nerves, as students from around the world gathered at Frederiksberg Palace to negotiate this year’s model United Nations

The Danish Model United Nations DanMUN simulates the demanding life of a real diplomat and provides a unique experience for students from different universities and countries.

The event last week included imitations of United Nations Security Council sessions, helping students to get familiar with the procedures of formal negotiations and practice their debate skills.

Each student represented members of the United Nations Security Council jointly with two of their colleagues. Furthermore, two delegates were specially assigned press representative.

Truly multi-cultural diplomacy

This year’s scenario was ‘Syria: an international humanitarian and geopolitical crisis’ and took place in the Frederiksberg Palace, Copenhagen.

President of DanMUN, Anders B. M. Hansen, who founded the organisation, said during the event that the “students impressed me this year. They have been very, very well prepared. All delegates knew what they were talking about, and I was impressed by their attitude”.

Before this years’ event, Andrea Coloma, chairman of DanMUN explained the concept to the University Post.

“As the participants come from many different countries and universities and from diverse academic disciplines, DanMUN gives an opportunity for a truly multicultural understanding of international negotiations and diplomacy, as well as a distinct chance to exercise individual political convictions in practice, all in a friendly and social environment.”

Ponder and peruse the bargaining action below!

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