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More students coming to Denmark on Erasmus

Erasmus has students both coming, and going, from Copenhagen and Denmark, the latest data from the EU Commission shows

More international students are coming to Denmark on an Erasmus grant. This is according to the latest updating of data from the EU Commission for the year 2009/2010.

The University of Copenhagen now ranks as the 11th most popular destination for incoming students. All universities in the top 10 are either from Spain or Italy.

Copenhagen has been a part of the Erasmus programme since its inception in 1987.

Copenhagen taking in more

As a popular Erasmus study destination, Denmark found itself welcoming 6,186 students in 2009/2010. This is up from 5637 students in 2008/2009.

1046 of Erasmus students came to the University of Copenhagen in 2009/2010. This is up from the 913 Erasmus students in 2008/2009.

The number of outgoing students is also on the rise, and more Danes are opting for Erasmus programmes abroad that before.

Danish Erasmus students increasing

The level of outgoing Erasmus students from Denmark has been relatively stagnant until recently, but the trend seems to be reversing.

Since 2007 more and more Danish Erasmus students have left to study abroad. The recent increase from 2008/09 to 2009/10 is almost 15 per cent.

Last year there were 2,416 students from Denmark that studied at other European universities, in particularly in Germany and the UK.

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