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New book: Danes are intolerant

British journalist slams Danish culture in a book that promises to set off another round of 'Danes are this' and 'Danes are that'

A new book by British journalist Patrick Kingsley is almost sure to provoke the locals. Certainly if you take the quotes reported on and

»If you don’t look like a Dane, or have a Danish name, you’re never going to be a genuine Dane, even if you’re born in Denmark«, he writes in the book.

Fighting words from ’How to Become a Dane’.

Introverted and narrow-minded

»…it appears as though being Danish is something a person is born into«.

During his research for the book, the 23-year old Mr Kingsley says he was surprised just how prejudiced Danes are.

»They’re just not very accommodating towards people from other countries and I was surprised to experience that they’re far more introverted and narrow-minded than people in Great Britain could ever imagine.«

Nice cycle paths

At the same time he extols many of the positive things about Denmark: Free universities, the health sector, and …cycle paths, reports

Read Patrick Kingsley’s views on the Danish film industry and blossoming food culture in
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