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New EU referendum as government fights to stay in Europol

Denmark will be given the chance to vote on whether to opt-out of the the EU law enforcement agency Europol.

DANISH NEWS – Danes will be asked to vote on the country’s EU opt on justice and legal affairs within the next 16 months, reports

The coalition and opposition parties agreed, Wednesday, to hold a new EU referendum by Spring 2016 at the latest.

At a Ministry of State press conference, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said the opt-out threatens Denmark’s participation in the pan-EU law enforcement agency, Europol, so Denmark needs clarification about its future role.

All pro-EU parties agreed that it would be a serious problem for security and safety in this country if Denmark is forced to leave Europol.

Liberal leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen said ‘Europol allows us to stay one step ahead of the criminals’, while Social Liberal Leader Morten Østergaard welcomed the referendum as ‘a big day for our Europe policy and a bad day for criminality.’

Socialist People’s Party leader Pia Olsen said Denmark would be far worse off without the protection of Europol.

“The fight against criminality such as paedophilia and the organised abuse of minors demands international cooperation,” she said.

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