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New Year’s Eve to draw students together

International students at the University of Copenhagen are to party into 2011 together

Far away from home, Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be lonely. Many international students are far from home, with money or travel issues preventing them from going back to celebrate.

But staying alone at the dorm New Year’s Eve is just too depressing.

Help is at hand. A group of international students and mentors have decided to meet up. And they call on others who otherwise have nowhere to go, to join them.

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International event

They hope to get all the international students in Copenhagen together for this special occasion.

»It will be amazing to celebrate this evening with all the internationals that I have met here,« says Corinna Schwarz, an exchange student from Germany, who plans to be there.

Worawach Tungjitcharoen, from Thailand, says it is important to hang out with someone on these special days. »You need to have friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve with,« he says.

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A different New Year’s Eve

12 midnight, they will likely go to Rådhuspladsen to watch the fireworks display. Alex Sanchez from Mexico, who is also attending, is not worried it will be too crowded.

»After all, crowded might be a different concept in Mexico than in Denmark,« he speculates.

For the three of them, it is the first time they celebrate the holiday season in Denmark.

»We are Buddhists and in Thailand there is no Christmas,« Worawach explains, adding that he has only learned about it in school. »I really want to have the feeling of a real Christmas,« he adds.

At home: family and traditions

Each country has its own traditions when celebrating New Year’s Eve. In Denmark, it is common to spend New Year’s Eve with your friends. However, in other countries, the family is the mainstay of the celebration.

Corinna from Germany normally starts the evening with her family and a special dinner: She lists dishes like ‘fondue’ and ‘raclette’. Afterwards, like in Denmark, they watch the short film ‘Dinner for one’ and by carrying out the murky tradition of ‘Bleigiessen’, melting bits of lead into water to predict the future.

Alex from Mexico, however, stresses the party get together.

»The more the merrier,« he says. »Tons of food, drink and music: The loudest, longest and biggest variety of food. Then you know the party will be remembered by everyone«.

New Year two times

Worawach from Thailand celebrates New Year’s twice.

»My family is Chinese so we celebrate Chinese New Year at the end of January and Thai New Year in the middle of April«. He eagerly looks forward to both of these two celebrations.

Worawach, Álex and Corinna are fascinated by the idea of an international event on New Year’s Eve. They call on others to sign up and turn up.

Search for the event ‘New Year’s Eve in Cph’ on facebook and sign up.

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