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Noma no longer world’s best

DANISH NEWS - Copenhagen's world famous snob restaurant demoted in latest world rankings

Copenhagen eatery Noma, which has provided worldwide attention for Denmark, can no longer boast of being the ‘world’s best’.

After three years at number one, Danish chef Rene Redzepi’s establishment has slipped to number two, displaced by Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca on the 2013 San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list announced overnight, reports and’s food critic, Torberb Frank, said he didn’t believe there would be any major consequences for Noma after its demotion.

Still a trend setter

“I’m sure they’ll still have a full house most of the time and will continue to be a leader in gastronomy,” he said.

“They probably won’t appear on the cover of Time Magazine, CNN won’t be sending camera crews to Copenhagen, and there won’t be as much hype, but Noma is still number two in the world and will continue to be a global trend-setter.”

See the article about it in Danish here.

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