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One happy girl got a new Macbook

PhD student was standing in line to check-in for a flight to the US, when she got the call

»You’re kidding!! You’re not kidding?! Oh thank you! That is really good news! What a blessing!«

PhD student Sonja Kim Brorson is at Copenhagen Airport Friday, maybe a bit stressed, on her way to a conference in biology in Philadelphia in the United States. The University Post has just reached her by phone after randomly drawing her out of a batch of nearly 15,000 subscribers to the Universitetsavisen and University Post newsletters.

What are you going to use the Macbook for?

Cell theorist

»What?!?«, still gob-smacked. »I am going to use it to write my thesis…«.

Her new Macbook is a top-of-the-line laptop computer courtesy of Eplehuset, an Apple distributor.

So what is it exactly that you are researching?

»Jesus that’s difficult! Right now?«, she asks, caught off guard.

»I am trying to find out how cells are able to navigate using a small organelle…« she starts to explain, before the rest becomes hard for a non-life-scientist to discern.

Biiiiigggg surprise…

See the exact moment when we called up Sonja below.

[video: width:375 height:250 align:right]

Congratulations to Sonja! And thanks to everyone who signed up for the newsletter and took part in the draw. We hope you all win next time round!

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