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Photos from new Niels Bohr Building foundation ceremony

The foundation stone, or cornerstone, of the new building was set Friday

The Niels Bohr Building will be a new laboratory and teaching facility for the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen. Friday saw the ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone.

This building not only pays homage to Denmark’s greatest scientist, but also paves the way for future scientific innovation in the future. Denmark’s sustained investment in science research and infrastructure bolsters the University of Copenhagen’s attraction for new students and ambitious researchers. The Niels Bohr building has an expected completion date sometime in 2016/2017.

Speaking at the foundation were various administrators and staff, most notably University Rector, Ralf Hemmingsen as well as Copenhagen mayor, Frank Jensen.

Placed in the foundation was a glass container which included both Danish and English translations of Niels Bohr’s address to the United Nations in 1950 calling for knowledge to be unreservedly shared.

Also placed was a map of the Nørre campus, a Danish SIM card and the present Danish kroner coins. This glass veil was bound with string and then sealed with hot wax for an official finish.

Pictures and text by Daithi Ó Sé.

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