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Prestigious grants awarded to 16 researchers

Sixteen University of Copenhagen researchers awarded with Sapere Aude grants to improve their research

On Monday 22 August sixteen of the University of Copenhagen’s top researchers from various faculties were presented with the prestigious Sapere Aude grant.

Of the 33 grants that were given across Denmark a total of 250 million kroner was distributed to improve the recipient’s research. Each scientist received up to 8.6 million kroner.

The grants come from a larger body, the Danish Council for Independent Research under the Ministry for Science, Technology and Development.

Smarter researchers

The Sapere Aude is a career programme for research talent. The programme invests and develops Denmark’s upcoming researchers at a national and international level.

The grants given by Sapre Aude act to build the capacity of up and coming researchers, especially female researchers. It will also help researchers in Denmark to strive towards being amongst the international elite.

Researchers from Health Science, and Social Science each received four of the grants. While, Life Science and Law faculties, and the Biotech Research and Innovation Centre received one each. The largest faculty, Science, cleaned up with five of the grants.

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