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Profile: Italian rock singer chooses Copenhagen

Michele from Italy is in Copenhagen to study International Law, but while staying here, he also hopes to be musically inspired

Michele is not completely new to the city, as he has visited Copenhagen several times before. Michele likes the Danish people in general, and is intrigued by both the social structure of the Danish society, and the welfare system at the base of it.

However, the weather is not on the pro side of the list for this law student, who has exchanged the lovely Italian summer for a decisively colder and more rainy one here in Denmark.

When he’s hiding out inside trying to avoid the rain, Michele likes to sing and even writes his own music. He’s inspired by especially American soft rock singer Joseph Arthur, but also other Italian musicians. While staying in Copenhagen, he hopes that the city will inspire him to write some new, great songs.

Likes Danish drinking ‘atmosphere’

Music is not the only thing on Michele’s mind – he’s passionate about international law.

»Italy’s no good in terms of the subject of international law,« he says, and explains that he hopes that studying this field in Denmark will help him get a job as an international lawyer when he is finished with his degree.

While staying in Denmark, one thing he’ll have to get used to is the Danish people’s drinking habits.

»In Italy, we certainly drink less than Danes,« he says with a smile. He adds that this is not necessarily a bad thing. He likes the atmosphere around Danes when they are partying and in high spirits.

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