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Ralf Hemmingsen gets to keep Rector job

The Board has re-hired Ralf Hemmingsen as Rector of the University of Copenhagen until 2017

The Board of the University has re-appointed Ralf Hemmingsen as Rector of the University of Copenhagen.

This is according to a release on

The re-appointment thereby ends the speculation surrounding over whether he was a candidate for his own job, and if he should continue at all: In recent years, the name of Ralf Hemmingsen has been at the centre of controversy due to his role in the Penkowa case.

More decentralisation

He has now been re-appointed until 1 March 2017.

»I am thankful for the confidence the Board has bestowed in me by reappointing me as Rector. I look forward to head the intensive efforts that are to bring UCPH forward as a national and international player in the period 2013-2017 with a focus on education, external collaboration and an internal shared identity,« says Rector Ralf Hemmingsen in the release.

He says he wishes to »implement more decentralised latitude when it comes to our core services. This means that the academic environments to a greater extent are to be supported in taking local academic and interdisciplinary initiatives and carry them through, also across departments and faculties.«

Since 2005

»This will give room to strengthen the close dialogue and collaboration with the locally anchored stakeholders, internal as well as external«, he adds.

Ralf Hemmingsen has been Rector at the University of Copenhagen since 1 November 2005, where he became the first Rector to be appointed by the Board under the laws of the new University Act. In November 2009, the Board extended his appointment, without posting the position, until 31 October 2013.

Ralf Hemmingsen is 63 years old, holds a Doctor of Medical Science and is a professor of psychiatry.

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