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Record number of students to be accepted

Friday potential students find out whether they have secured a spot on their dream course at the university. Following record application numbers, more applicants will receive an offer this year

Today Friday, 6538 potential students will receive a letter offering them a study place at the University of Copenhagen.

In comparison, 6210 offers were sent out at this time last year.

This is the largest number of offers sent by the university to date, which reflects an increase in the number of applicants this year.

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Mainly Danish students

Most of the students receiving an offer today are Danes, and all are Danish-speaking as this round of admissions is for bachelor courses that are taught in Danish.

It is therefore difficult to give an exact number of how many non-Danes are among the potential new University of Copenhagen students, says Claus Nielsen, head of admissions at the university’s Student Services.

Danish-speaking internationals

»There were a number of applications based on non-Danish qualifications – around 2-3000 – but they all have in common that they speak Danish, and have some kind of attachment to Denmark,« he says.

»Many of them live in Denmark, and are therefore not really international students in that sense,« he adds.

The largest groups of non-Danish students to seek admission at Bachelor level are those from the other Nordic countries, according to Claus Nielsen.

There is no language requirement for Nordic applicants, as it is assumed that they understand Danish.

Another large group of applicants come from Germany, often with historical ties to Denmark.

From countries in conflict

A third group of students applying on the basis of qualifications from overseas are those who have been forced to live in Denmark after fleeing their home country.

»There are applicants from a number of countries around the world where there is unrest and war. These students already live in Denmark when they apply, and speak Danish,« says Claus Nielsen.

All of the potential students have until August 6 to make up their mind about accepting the offer.

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