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Rector, Dean hit by shower of questions

At the Faculty of Science, top university management tried to explain why a new Science - Life Sciences faculty merger would work

The auditorium was filled to capacity when today Tuesday Rector Ralf Hemmingsen and Dean Nils O. Andersen presented their plan to merge the Science and Life Science faculties.

Standing, sitting, or kneeling, the students and staff quizzed the top University managers with questions.

Most of those present seemed disappointed by the renewal plan and the way it has been announced.

No time to digest

Information meetings about the merger were announced Monday, only one day before they took place. This gave students little time to figure out how the changes would affect them.

»It’s too early to say how things will change. Right now some people are happy. But most are annoyed with such late notice about the meetings,« states a student, Marc Garner.

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