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Report: Giant campus a good idea

A huge campus in Copenhagen that can house over 1,000 students and 400 researchers would help keep internationals in Denmark, and improve integration. The project requires DKK 1.8 billion in private funds

The idea of an enormous campus area in Copenhagen, with student housing, sports facilities, shops and restaurants is worth pursuing, according to a private think tank.

The campus would attract new talented young people from abroad and encourage them to stay in Denmark by giving them a social network, according to ThinkTankTalents.

The study concludes that in order to be successful, the campus must have »a strong culture and a story to tell«.

Brewery is the best location

The first phase of the Copenahgen campus (known as CC) would consist of 1,100 college rooms for Danes and foreign students as well as 400 flats for trainees and researchers.

The campus would be a massive 90,000 square metres and as well as housing, would boast restaurants, cafés, a second-hand store, music house, sports facilities, kindergarten, church, mosque and a one-stop-shop to help internationals with the paperwork involved in moving to Denmark.

The consultants have pointed to the old Calsberg brewery site in Valby as the most appropriate location for such a complex. Rejected locations were Ørestad North and The Old People’s Village in Nørrebro.

Private funds

The think-tank estimates that the entire project would cost about DKK 1.8 billion plus the price of real estate. They say that this should come from private funding, from Danish foundations and strongly branded Danish companies. The campus would be run as a self-regulating foundation.

The University of Copenhagen has contributed the modest sum of DKK 50,000 to the cost of compiling this preliminary study

The university has also assisted with extensive knowledge of the problems international students and researchers face when seeking housing in the city.

Read the feasibility study in English here.

On 27 August, ThinkTankTalents will hold a symposium where they will present the findings of the feasibility study for Copenhagen Campus. Everyone is welcome to participate. Sign up here.

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